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Foodwaste processor

Still worried about the dishwasher?

Huge cost on Government Garbage Levy and dishwashing outsourcing?

Troubled by food waste-clogged sewage and concerned with water pollution?

Tired from moving garbage bags to a garbage station far away?

We are here to help

One processor to solve all hygiene problems

  • Daily process capacity of 500-5,000 sets of dishes and tableware (70s/round, 1.5L)

  • Daily process capacity of 5-300 kg of kitchen waste before and after meals

  • Occupies a small space, 10 square feet fully equipped

  • No need to wait for dishes and chopsticks all the time, no need to dispose (food waste) garbage every day

Our Brands

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Our solution

Kitchen Sanitation Plan

Included in package

  • Kitchen design

  • kitchen decoration

  • Water and electricity linkage

  • Recycling by-products

  • Free Zinc plate, stainless steel wall cabinet, shelf

  • Free dishwashing liquid

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3 types of under-counter, door-opening, and conveyor belt dishwashers
6 types of thermally degradable food waste processor

Match freely

Free combination of your products choice

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